Who We Are

AF Condition Monitoring (M) Sdn Bhd incorporated in 1994 also known as AFCM is the industry’s most trusted partner for integrated plant reliability maintenance or condition monitoring. Our Condition Monitoring Service model strive continuously for improving plant availability, less breakdowns and reducing maintenance costs. AFCM provides products, services, training and support to suit all the requirements of plant maintenance. We are your Predictive Maintenance or Condition Monitoring Specialists, providing a combination of CBM tools.

AFCM is a single-point solution for all plant maintenance needs and have more than 20 years proven track record of implementing the most cost effective and efficient condition based monitoring programs. AFCM draws on a wealth of practical ‘hands-on’ experience and engineering / scientific expertise to offer a range of Condition Monitoring packages to meet your needs.

We are keen to be your associate partners in delivering condition monitoring program.

Words from the Managing Director

Maintenance is now changing as time past by. The changing is due to increasing Mechanisation, greater equipment complexity, new maintenance techniques and changing views on maintenance organization and responsibilities. There have been explosive growth in new maintenance concepts and techniques. The challenge that are faced by maintenance people nowadays are not only to learn what these techniques are, but also to be able to decide which are worthwhile.

If we make the right choice, it is possible to improve maintenance performance and at the same time even reduce maintenance cost. If we make the wrong choice, new problems would be arise while existing problems only getting worse.

Ahmad Fawzal
MSc Condition Monitoring (U.K.)
Managing Director
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