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CM is known as Condition Monitoring which machine heath condition is monitor during running using several CM devices such Thermography, Vibration Analyser, Ultrasound Detector, Partial Discharge etc. While CBM is known as a maintenance practice which apply machine rectification action based on findings from machine condition that detected through the above device. This also known as Predictive Maintenance which merely called as PdM.
Many manufacture agreed that majorly contribution of bearing failure was due to lubrication. To provide an adequate lubrication is very challenging. There is potential of over greased of lack of greased. Therefore, many established plant has found Ultrasound as best tools to be used for greasing. Lubrication program also is one of the lack maintenance practice being apply.
They are many factors could contribute to this situation. Mainly, the biggest pitfall was due to lack of direction or involvement from CM analyst throughout the purchasing process until commissioning. Several potential defects could occur on machine such as structure resonance, shaft sag due to transportation, false brinelling bearing, skid deflection and many more.
There are 4 Big faults commonly exist in machine which are Imbalance, Misalignment, Looseness and Resonance. Measuring vibration and study through time waveform and spectrum would be able to distinguish between these four elements. In fact, Phase analysis is required for better visualization of each fault.
Not all the time. Many overhaul activities would introduce to machine back to the nature of bathtub (infant mortality) curve segment. Which meaning the overhaul equipment will have a high tendency of failure at the beginning (start-up operation). This study is discovered by Nolan and Heap that found 68% of equipment would have this kind of nature.
The best way to apply the CBM program in your plant is by identifying the major / critical equipment of your plant. Then, select the appropriate CBM tools to be used for monitoring those equipment.

In general, if a machine is involved with high-speed rotational force, select vibration & oil analysis. If a machine is designed with slow-speed rotational force, select ultrasound & oil analysis. If a machine is involved with high thermal energy and electrical components, select Infrafred Thermography.

Begin with less number of equipment and increase quantity of equipment progressively. Choose monthly routine visit for less critical and twice a month for critical equipment. The main element prior to start a program is TRAINING. Most of us agreed by having adequate training you will be able to recognize the level of priority required for each equipment in your plant.

Having a mentor or engaged with third party is one of the common steps to succeed with CBM program.