Service Overview

Condition Monitoring allows the operators of plant to assess its equipment’s condition while it is in service. It thus allows defects to be detected and addressed before they lead to major breakdowns. Maintenance can be planned and organized in the most cost effective way. Availability can be increased by avoiding unnecessary maintenance downtime and allowing equipment with known defects to be operated while its condition is continuously monitored.

Our goal is to provide our client with effective and reliable condition monitoring services and training for enhancing their plant efficiency and reliability.

Proactive Machinery Service

    FAT and SAT (Acceptance Test and Baseline)
  • To ensure end-user receives good product from supplier and manufacturer
    Analysis of Rotating Machinery Behavior
  • To investigate the root cause of unacceptable machine condition.
    Vibration Monitoring and Analysis (Rotating, Piping and Structure)
  • To conduct proactive measure on all rotating machine in plant
    Partial Discharge
  • To conduct proactive measure on all rotating machine in plant
    Ultrasonic Detection
  • Easy method with wide application for detecting on mechanical parts, electrical parts and insulation problem
    Infrared Thermography
  • The best technique for identifying problem which creates thermal radiation difference.
    Acoustic Valve Leak Estimation
  • is Enable client to predict the productivity through quantifying leak method.

Corrective Machinery Services

    In-situ Balancing for Rotating Machinery
  • Reduce vibration force by balancing unit rotor
    Precision Shaft Alignment
  • Improve the collinear shaft position through laser
    Precision Pulley Alignment
  • Improve pully position through laser application
    Verification of Online Vibration Sensor and System
  • Increase level of accuracy on monitoring equipment health

Pre and Post CBM Program Planning

    CBM Program Audit
  • Evaluate and rectify running program to high accuracy level
    Setting up new program
  • Guidance given based on our extensive experience
    Online Monitoring Advisory
  • Solving difficulties on limited access machinery