AFCM provides products, services, training and support to suit all the requirements of plant maintenance strategy. We are keen to be your associate partners in delivering condition monitoring program.

iLearn™ Training

    Our computer-based training and diagnostic product teach vibration analysis, precision maintenance and provide you a helping hand in your day-to-day work. For the best in training, turn to Mobius.
  • LEARN. Products that help you to LEARN. Our computer-based training products that will teach you vibration analysis, shaft alignment and field balancing. The courses are fully narrated and filled with animations and Adobe® Flash® simulators. Quizzes also help you to track how you are going: get them right and you should keep learning; get them wrong and you can repeat the lesson. You can learn at your own pace in your own place!
  • TRY. Products that allow you to TRY for yourself. Products that will develop your skills using interactive simulators, live data and meaningful case studies.
  • APPLY. Products to assist you when you APPLY what you have learned. Products that you use when performing vibration analysis, helping you to analyze spectra and an on-line reference that will answer your tough questions.


    Now we are working with leading industry company producing comprehensive warranties and the highest quality of service of accelerometers and vibration analysis hardware.
    CTC Line Product :
  • Casing Sensor - Accelerometer, Velocity
  • Relative Sensor - Proximity Probe
  • Cable and Connectors - Custom Cable and Connector, Analyzer Cable
  • Hardware - Junction Box, Mounting Hardware
  • 4-20mA Product - Signal Conditioner, Atex (Ex) Product

Machine Sentry

  • Revolutionary in Condition Monitoring
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Analysis Support

Now! it's time where you can bring your device anywhere and then monitored from anywhere through your smartphone.

Amazing! A single sensor for 4 difference measurements now can be in on your pocket.

Three axes of vibration and temperature can be measured on your rotating equipment without any cabling to be layed.