Plant Maintenance Solution

Does your equipment still failed after taking maintenance?

Did your plant experienced unplanned shutdown?

Thinking on how to improve maintenance strategy?

Searching way to reduce maintenance cost without jeopardies equipment performance?


We have the solution for the above problems

It’s time to migrate from Time-based Maintenance to Predictive Maintenance

Many establish company has increased their performance and productivity after moved from time-based maintenance to condition-based maintenance.
Condition-based maintenance involves all actions performed as a result of system or product condition, detected by means of condition monitoring. Basically, it is eliminating casual stressors, which can lead to a degradation of the asset or equipment

Condition Monitoring Services

Vibration Measurement & Analysis
Infrared Thermogrpahy Inspection for Electrical & Mechanical equipment
Ultrasound Detection for Electrical (Arching, Tracking &Corona), Bearing lubrication/monitoring
Partial Discharge Measurement
Valve Passing Detection & Quantification.

Advance Vibration Analysis

Machinery Diagnosis & Correction
Natural Frequency Indentification
Operational Deflection Shape
Modal Analysis
Motor Current Analysis
Structure Analysis
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Piping Vibration Measurement & Analysis

Maintenance Services

In-Situ Balancing
Precision Laser Alignment
Verification of Online Vibration System & Sensors

Authorised Distributor

RONDS - Wireless Online Vibration Monitoring System
TCK.W - Wire Rope Inspection for Online System & Offline Inspection
Machine Sentry - Cloud-based condition monitoring solution

Our CBM Tools Service Overview